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Добре дошли в сайта за деца с дислексия. Целта на приложението е да подпомага и подкрепя деца със специфични образователни трудности. Тук ще намерите методики за обучение, логически и дидактически игри както и много други полезни материали и техники свързани със специалните образователни потребности.



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Method of visualization

Especially abstract, and thus particularly problematic to remember the numbers and are the figures - dates coefficients. Possible method of remembering again to turn figures and numbers in images and pictures.

Step 1 : Numbers 0 to 9 mentally one transformed into objects that have similar forms. The more familiar the child are addressed as more bits are used, the easier it will remember and associate.

Step 2: To save a sequence of numbers (dates, years, numbers) can use Lotsi equipment, as have figures, objects in a very familiar space of the child (nursery classroom, kitchen ...)

Do not limit yourselves to the above techniques - Encourage the child to be artist improviser.

Give your child the opportunity to paint, sketch improvised everything that can be displayed. Clip with illustrations from magazines and sticking them in notebooks to illustrate the writing.

Another interesting method is to get the child to make a sentence in a series of images as a series of sentence suitable illustrations. Of course, use and opposite option - the child to read a series of images so that they connect into a meaningful sentence or short story. For example, a series of images: squirrel, running man, tree climber climbs, sun hidden behind clouds and dog - is the sentence: "Squirrel ran to the tree and climbed to him to escape from the dog ".

Each described techniques require training and regular use, can be apply in all situations and the child to understand and use effectively. These techniques can be used as a play group for children and give them like home, except that non-traditional, are interesting and the children they performed with pleasure.

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